We are fully prepared for the transmission-reception of information online thanks to the computer application designed to meet the needs of our customers. In fact, for several years we have been using this communication system with several of the main financial and banking entities in the country, as well as via the Internet with first-class insurers.


Our application is able to process and locate the data properly, as well as to generate files with information of the managed files with simple and simple adaptations to the structures of our clients. There are numerous supported formats and we have different security certificates, firewall and encryption programs with which to protect the information transmitted.



The databases that we manage are only those that are assigned by our clients for the performance of our activity. Once the files have been collected or returned for any circumstances, all the information in those files is returned to the transferors or is destroyed.


All those public databases are also used to obtain commercial and financial information.


We do not have our own databases, neither automated nor structured, since the commercial reports that we make are unique and exclusive. There is only one original which is delivered to the petitioner, and all the information that has been collected for the preparation of said report is destroyed.